Things I Love about Changi Airport Terminal 4

Singapore’s Changi Airport is known as the “World’s Best Airport”.  According to Steve Meacham of,  it has won more than 500 awards since it opened. And it is the leading international air hub in Asia, it serves more than 100 airlines, with connections to 380 cities in 90 countries around the world.

The world’s best airport has just become even bigger, and better. Terminal 4 opened October this year and they are planning to expand again. Currently, the Terminal 5 (Changi East) is on under construction and will possibly open in 2020s. Can’t wait to go back again!


It is the smallest of Changi’s terminals. There is no train station inside the airport, so you need to take a bus that is going to/from Terminal 3.

Our flight is around 4am, going back to the Philippines. We got to the airport around 10pm, the night before para we have time to explore the newly airport. Unfortunately, most of the shops are already closed pero it does not matter super dami nilang pang-aliw.

Anyway, the following are the things that you will surely love too:

Self-Service Kiosk

Sobrang bet, ang techy! You can skip the long queue with self-service check-in, bag-drop counters, immigration clearance and boarding. With the use of Biometric technology it makes your travel experience even faster. Do not fret if you do not how to use it, you will be guided by an airport staff through the process. I haven’t taken photos of the machine. Natakot ako! Baka magalit sila. Gusto ko pa rin naman umuwi at magtake ng final exam. Imagine, there’s no hassle even in the immigration.  You don’t need to talk to the person in the immigration kaso yun nga, mas lalo akong nawalan ng pag-asa na mahanap ang ka-forever ko. Chos! Hahaha! And for those people who loves to collect stamps in your passport, you’ll be kinda disappointed since everything that you will use is through computer. No one will stamp on your passport, because you will just tap it and go.



Although some shops are already closed but still some of them were still open. My very first stop shop is the WHSmith. I love collecting pens and notebooks. My dad told me that Singapore is one of the best places to buy pens. (Not so sure about it ah, sisihin niyo tatay ko kung mali. Hahaha). Their store offers everything I love —stationeries, and I find it cheap, so I bought a moleskine’s classic collection plain notebook and some pens.

Food Places

There is no problem when it comes to filling you up before you fly. They have a lot of different choices of food and even a bar-like eatery opened by Tiger Beer. If you missed the opportunity to check out the Food Emporium, the transit area has another food court, the International Food Hall.

Coziness and Ambiance

The terminal vibes is so relaxing. It is filled with real trees and comfortable chairs and they also have garden and  indoor pond. So kewl, right? *wink*

My sister is enjoying her stay at the petal-shaped bed.


You can also enjoy a live theatre production, Peranakan Love Story, one thing you can watch while waiting for boarding. The short musical takes you back to 1930s, a love story between musicians living next to each other.


Free Use of Desktop


There is also a free use of PC for one hour which is very helpful for some people that might want to check their social media accounts or email (pampawalang antok lang).Pero yung balak ko talaga that time eh mag-aral para sa final exam. May yellow pad pa ako diyan at calculator ah, kaso nauwi rin sa Facebook. Hahaha!

If you are looking for a WIFI, let say for your phone or PC. Passengers are asked to scan their passport into a kiosk and then receive a code that entitles them to one hour of WiFi.

Techy Cleaners

The Changi Airport Group (CAG) embraces automated cleaning robots at the terminal to keep its place clean. Housekeepers are trained to programme the robot to mop, clean and pick up small items, among others. It really feels like you are living in the future! Sayang, I wasn’t able to take a photo of it. HUHUHU


The toilets are themed accordingly with a British colonial-style design. I love how it looks so elegant, and I love how tissues and hand sanitizers are available in every cubicle.

And I have a memorable experience in this place…. Keep on reading. Hahaha!


*This photo is not mine* Photo Source: 

REMINDER: This is kinda rated SPG……. JUST KIDDING. Kung maselan kayo, itigil niyo na ang pagbabasa pero kung gusto niyo namang tumawa nang tumawa. Ituloy na!

Since our flight is around 4am and the arrival in the Philippines is around 7am. Then, I have class at 10am and final exam pa ng 1pm. #LakasMakaArtista Imagine, pagkadating pa lang ng Pinas diretso na sa school. Syempre I want to take a bath naman even though there is no shower room, keri yan! Dahil wais tayong mga Pinoy. Ginawa ko yan lahat sa comfort room. Uyyy, you want to know kung paano. Dahil wala namang tao, the first thing that I do is maglabas ng sama ng loob (‘ya know what I’m sayin’) isabay mo na ang pagchange ng undies. Second, toothbrush time. Third, tingnan muna ulit kung wala paring tao. That time is around 2:30am, safe na safe na. Isahod na ang braso sa sink and even your legs (Sorry, may background ata ako sa gymnast hahaha) Keri yan! magsabon-sabon kana. FYI, may damit pa ako niyan. Okay lang yan, basta makaligo ang ibang parte ng katawan mo. Make sure na bilisan mo lang ang kilos mo. Lastly for your hair, uso naman ang dry shampoo. Try Bench’s Shampoo & Dash Dry Shampoo for only PHP175. (YES NAMERN). FINALLY, DONE! ……………………. Pero ang lubos na hindi ko alam ay nakita pala ako ni atey (yung taga linis ng toilet). Tinitigan niya talaga ako, yung feeling na weirdong-weirdo siya sa akin. Para akong jinudge! Pero what’s important naman ay your freshness and readiness for school! HAHAHAHA. Deadma lang.

A year-end blog post. Thank you for your time reading this post. Hope you liked it. Happy New Year!


One of The Best Places to Unwind in Metro Manila: PRISM PLAZA

Prism Plaza is located at the 4th Floor, TwoE-Com Center, Mall of Asia Complex. One of the best places to hangout with your friends or family. It offers a great experience of dining. and lots of choices for you to eat at.


Every time I run for a cause along the MOA Complex, I always see the structure of the Prism Plaza that capture my eyes all the time. I love how it simply standouts in all the buildings out there which keeps me imagining how it looks like inside. And It never fails me, WOAAAH! So stunning. I’m in loveeee.

The very first time that I went here is with my groupmates. We had an interview at the TwoE-Com building. We didn’t know that it is open for public and we can stay there while waiting. You can sight the picturesque of Manila Bay and unwind and appreciate the beauteousness it offers. This is the best place to chill out!



View from the Prism Plaza

Some restaurants here are the following: House of Wagyu, Uncle Cheffy, The Burger Lab, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and many more. Sorry, I forgot some of them pa and there are still a lot more to discover in this place that you will surely love.


Hope you like this post!

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You may check The Prism Plaza on:


Instagram: The Prism Plaza

Twitter: @ThePrismPlaza

Mt. Marami

Mt. Marami is located in Maragodon, Cavite where you can see the grandeur view of Cavite. It is just my fourth time to hike and for me, this is one of the longest hike I’ve ever had. Many people is often compared it to Mt. Pico de Loro and they were like sisters daw, same features.

Just to add up some information, the name of the mountain is coined from the Tagalog term “marami” because the mountain is composed mainly of numerous gigantic rocks. The open trail of the mountain will lead you to experience the “Silyang Bato” which can be found on the summit.

Jump-off point: Sitio Bangkaan, Brgy. Talipusngo, Maragondon, Cavite
Alternate jumpoff: Brgy.Ramirez, Magallanes, Cavite
LLA: 405 MASL (1,328 feet)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 2-3 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3


Note: In Brgy. Talipusngo, you can bring your car to shorten your hike hours, don’t know in Brgy. Ramirez if you can also bring.

IMG_3039IMG_3031IMG_3030Here are some photos on our tripIMG_8331IMG_8342IMG_3006IMG_3005IMG_8402IMG_8419IMG_8355

“Welcome to the Silent Hill” Hahaha no, i’m just kidding.IMG_8379IMG_8367IMG_2998IMG_3003IMG_3002IMG_3022IMG_8381IMG_3021IMG_8396IMG_3004IMG_8389IMG_8405Nainggit sa pose ng cow chos! Hahaha pero kapagod na gurl.IMG_8409Pabebe pose pa more! HAHAHAHA

Best Camera for Traveling: Sony Alpha A5000

Nowadays, traveling is what most people do. I know this line is kinda gasgas or you can see or read it many times on different social media sites “Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I definitely AGREE! And even make it as good investment. Trying different cultures, food trip, do adventures, talk with the locals and learn everything from them can help you to come up with new ideas and to discover new information. There is a lot of information provided by your life experience as you travel around the world which is very relevant in your road to success.

But of course! Your travel would not be complete without taking amazing shots or videos about the trip, right? Photos and videos will serve as a remembrance for every travels your going to.

Wanna know what will be the best camera for travel?

Here is the Sony’s ALPHA A5000 Mirrorless Camera


This camera would probably the best camera for travelers. With its size, features and an eye-catching style, that you would fall inlove.

This camera has 20.1 MP Exmor HD APS sensor which is incredible when it comes to detail and enlargements. BIONZ X Image Processor, Sony’s latest processing engine: truer color rendering, better noise reduction, and hyper-real detail via high-speed processing.

a5000 sizeIts size is way smaller than your smartphones which is really nice for traveling or doing adventures. I remember when I need to cover a documentation as I climb up to the mountains which took us about 3 or more hours to reached the mountain top. I used my DSLR and imagine how heavy and difficult it is to carry along, so with the Alpha A5000, it would be easier to shoot since it is very handy and lightweight. This camera is best known as the world’s lightest interchangeable-lens digital camera. And what most travelers, bloggers/vloggers, including you would totally love in this camera is that, it has a WiFi, so it is not difficult for you to transfer video and photos that you’re going to upload.

1389217832000_IMG_362614You can easily capture a selfie by just flipping up the LCD screen. This is the most useful part for those solo travelers. It records stunning high quality Full HD 1080/60i/24p or 1080/30p MP4 movies.

This camera also features:

  • Soft Skin Effect –  it smoothes any wrinkles or dullness.
  • Face Detection and Smile Shutter – ensures that faces look fantastic, with clear focusing and smiles captured at that perfect moment.
  • Auto Object Framing – this function crops your shot for maximum appeal—without marked loss of quality.

7_17Low light situations are not a problem. There is built-in pop-up flash in a compact camera. Compact Power Zoom 16-50 mm kit lens, a convenient zoom lever on the body of the camera allows for effortless one-handed operation and smooth zooming even when shooting self-portraits, bringing compact camera convenience to the realm of interchangeable-lens models.

The following are some of the camera features:

  • Battery Life: take up to 420 shots on a single charge.
  • Auto Object Framing fills the frame with your subject.
  • Scene Selection:  Type of scene you can shoot are the following: nine Scene Selection modes, including Portrait, Sports Action, and Macro.
  • Manual Shooting: four modes (P/A/S/M) make it easy to enjoy the creative.
  • Anti-Motion Blur
  • DRO (D-Range Optimizer)
  • Sweep Panorama

To learn more about the ALPHA A5000, visit:

Yugatech’s Website:

Sony Philippines’s Website:

Krooberg’s Retro Shoes

Krooberg is trying to widen its horizons beyond the outdoors. With this retro shoes you can wear it at school, work, for shopping, travelling or even for dancing. All kinds of adventure without any trouble with your feet. This is actually the perfect sneakers for both men and women.img_9231This retro sneakers feels like your barefoot! This is made with light material called phylon. Its material biggest features are lightweight, flexible, and has good cushioning. It is very comfy to use, so soft which is good for insole. img_9241img_9243

img_9257This shoes comes with a string bag and a screen wipe card, which is so nice! I love the screen wipe card because whenever I clean my camera’s screen or phone I’ll just wipe it with tissue or my eyeglasses’ cleaner or shirt that I’m wearing. Hahaha! So now, I don’t need an extra tissue or even my shirt to wipe the dirt out. Not only that, it is very cute and compact like I can bring it anytime, anywhere.img_9263img_9262img_9264

Krooberg’s Photo Contest is still ongoing! Join now it is until the end of January na lang.

How to Join?

  1. Snap a photo with your Krooberg Footwear.
  2. Post it on their Facebook page Krooberg then, use the hashtag #KroobergOnMyFeet

And get a chance to win a pair of Krooberg Footwear 🙂

Once again, thank you so much Krooberg for giving me this pair of retro shoes and also to y’all, my readers. Keep on spreading the word. Share/Post them on FB/Twitter/IG or even on your website.

Check them out:

Krooberg’s Branch List Philippines


Instagram: @krooberg_official

Facebook: Krooberg

Be ready for any kind of adventure with Krooberg! (Plus, join Krooberg Photo Contest)


Krooberg is a footwear originally from Europe. Its initial product offers including boots, summer sandals and slippers. After its modest success in Europe, where its products are sold through major chain stores, in late 2011 the brand embarked on its expansion into Asia. It took market staples such as flip-flops, sandals, and casual shoes and gave it a fresh Scandinavian design twist.

Looking for a versatile footwear that would surely fit for you is not quite difficult to find because Krooberg got your back! I know most of us nowadays love to travel, go to the beach, climb up to the mountain, jump from a cliff and many other activities that we really got into and not only that, you can wear it even if you’re in the city. Krooberg is the perfect choice!

img_8165 Lady Y Sandals – P999

img_8157img_8171 Flip flops – P399

I was looking for a nice and comfy footwear for my vacation and it really caught my attention. It has the best quality for any kind of adventure. I definitely like their sporty-stylish aura. Lakas maka-sporty!

Experience of having pairs of Krooberg has been great. It is very comfy to use both outdoor and indoor activities. Some of my friends asked me of how heavy it is but nah, it’s very light. You can wear it for the entire day. Krooberg are made of soft and pliable rubber materials which makes it more comfortable to use.

They also have these cute and stylish shoes for only P499.


Runlite-Gray (Glow-in-the-Dark) which is limited edition and only 288 pairs available worldwide. Price starts at P2,499.


Hip + Practical
The classic sneakers redone and updated in 1-Piece Injection-Molded Phylon. Stay in fashion without having to fuss about keeping your shoes from getting wet or dirty.

The shoe body is completely made of phylon. This material is so light, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing shoes!

It has a soft and bouncy fabric-lined insole for a nice and cool footbed.

Krooberg is currently hosting for a photo contest for the whole month of January.

How to join?

  1. Snap a photo with your Krooberg footwear.
  2. Post it on their Facebook page Krooberg then, use the hashtag #KroobergOnMyFeet

And get a chance to win a free pair of Krooberg Footwear. They will announce the winners through their Facebook Page.

Check out their stores here in the Philippines! Here’s the link: Krooberg Branch List PH

Krooberg’s Website:

Follow them on Instagram: @krooberg_official

Windmill in Rizal

So yeah! You don’t actually need to go to Bangui Ilocos because there’s already a wind farm in Pililla, Rizal. (I know I’m kinda too late to announce it. Hahaha) Same company which operates Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte and here in Rizal. Before nung nakikita ko pa siya when we’re going to Laguna, maunti pa lang yung windmill nila but now, sobrang dami na rin. (Oops! Didn’t know the exact number kung ilan)

Here are some photos we took on our trip


A wonderful view while on our way to Pilillia Wind Farm


Wala lang. I just find the tree pretty cute!







By the way, there is no entrance fee. There are food stores and souvenir shops na you can find inside the farm (syempre hindi sa loob ng windmill. Hahaha).

Getting there naman you can see the view of Laguna Lake and the towns of Laguna and Rizal and mga bundok bundok everywhere.

So yan na lang muna! It’s really difficult to blog kapag tumigil ka for years. Grabe! First thing, wala kang maisip for intro. so ang kinalabasan naging sabaw sabaw all my thoughts (woah baka nga may thoughts Hahaha!). Second, ganun na rin sa caption ng photo. Lol! Halatang hindi na pinag-isipan. Hayyyy!

(P.S. about my photos, walang edit na ganap diyan, mare! Walang photo grading na nangyari. I’m just a PRO lang jk! But, I used dambuhalang camera, Canon 600D. (Yes, Canon please sponsor me. Choz)