PART 2: Five Songs on My List

A year ago I posted my “First Five Songs on My List” on this blog. I really miss this portion of my blog which I usually share my taste of music. I love listening to different kinds of music, like EDM, pop rock, electropop & wait, ano pa? Wala na akong alam! Hahaha. Right now, I’m currently into throwback songs and some other new songs that were released this year.

Here are my top five songs:

  1. Want You Back by HAIM – I love this song and their music video, as well. It is like an old school modern music. Feels like I want to walk around the street (like in their music video) and do their moves. I watched a video of them performing live, omgg!! Sobrang talented! Kabooowg!
  2. Don’t Leave by Snakeships & MO – The most heartbreaking song! Basta I love it. I love every single beat of the song and you can hear how MO’s voice sounds so painful.  Na-feel ko siya. Charaught!
  3. You and Your Crown by Matthew Mole – This is basically the theme song of my college life. Many times, I just want to quit college and take a break from all the stress and deeply think about what I really want to. It came to the point that I’m not enjoying with my course anymore. I always keep on asking myself If I would want to still continue my major. I did, I almost quit! But this song enlightened me. It changes my perspective in life and gave me such motivation to pursue what I have started. Even if I feel down, NO! I have to win the fight and bring that crown. I know there is a better reason why I’m here. And I’m not afraid to go through because I know God is always there to lead me in every direction I’m going to.
  4. Lost in Your Light by Dua Lipa – Since Dua Lipa had a collaboration with my forever crush, Martin Garrix. I started to like her. She’s so beautiful and has a powerful voice. I love this song! I love her voice, feel ko magkaboses and magkamukha kami. Okay, masyado na akong feelingera. Hahaha! This song keeps playing in my heart and soul. Yes namern! Push.
  5. ILYSB by LANY – LANY is now my favorite band! I have a huge crush on Paul Klein. His voice makes my heart melt and he is totally hot! I can listen and stare him every day. I love you so bad, Paul. Just to add some information, he made this song while driving and there is a girl on the passenger seat of his car having a phone call with the girl’s sister and said I love you so bad. It all started there! Fast forward, that girl struck him the most. Ewan ko lang kung dahil ba doon sa phone call kinilig siya eh, hindi naman kasi siya yung sinabihan diba? Masyadong feeler hahaha! Wala eh na-inlove siya ng bongga kay Gurl. Para daw talaga kay gurl yung song so wala na akong pag-asa sa kanya. Okay bye! By the way, LANY is coming in Manila this August. Can’t wait to see them Live. For details, Click Here.

I hope you like my choice of songs! Let me know if you hear all of them & what’s your favorite song on the list. 🙂