Krooberg’s Retro Shoes

Krooberg is trying to widen its horizons beyond the outdoors. With this retro shoes you can wear it at school, work, for shopping, travelling or even for dancing. All kinds of adventure without any trouble with your feet. This is actually the perfect sneakers for both men and women.img_9231This retro sneakers feels like your barefoot! This is made with light material called phylon. Its material biggest features are lightweight, flexible, and has good cushioning. It is very comfy to use, so soft which is good for insole. img_9241img_9243

img_9257This shoes comes with a string bag and a screen wipe card, which is so nice! I love the screen wipe card because whenever I clean my camera’s screen or phone I’ll just wipe it with tissue or my eyeglasses’ cleaner or shirt that I’m wearing. Hahaha! So now, I don’t need an extra tissue or even my shirt to wipe the dirt out. Not only that, it is very cute and compact like I can bring it anytime, anywhere.img_9263img_9262img_9264

Krooberg’s Photo Contest is still ongoing! Join now it is until the end of January na lang.

How to Join?

  1. Snap a photo with your Krooberg Footwear.
  2. Post it on their Facebook page Krooberg then, use the hashtag #KroobergOnMyFeet

And get a chance to win a pair of Krooberg Footwear 🙂

Once again, thank you so much Krooberg for giving me this pair of retro shoes and also to y’all, my readers. Keep on spreading the word. Share/Post them on FB/Twitter/IG or even on your website.

Check them out:

Krooberg’s Branch List Philippines


Instagram: @krooberg_official

Facebook: Krooberg

Run! Run! Run!

As what I have mentioned from my previous post, try new things. Try to RUN! Running is one of the easiest ways to get into a healthy and active lifestyle.

When I was kid, I just love to play video games, computer games like, y8. Freebo. And I even start blogging at a young age so I’m totally exposed in a techy world. Before, I do not engage myself in sports. As I grow up, I realized that I feel so weak. I can’t even try to reach the floor without putting myself down. Felt like my bones need some stretch and I easily get tired.

So I decided to start running. I started to join fun run in 2014. As a beginner, I started muna to run 3K then palayo nang palayo.


Maybe a lot of you guys would probably ask why I keep on joining fun run. So I’ll let you guys know.



Here are some of my reasons:

  1. It was totally fun! Great for bonding. Invite your family and friends 🙂11270626_10206693658961448_3645986893572243129_oimg_7260
  2. It is for a good cause.  The positive aspect of fun runs is that they are usually organized for certain causes. Those proceeds (or a part of it) are donated to help charities or calamity victims.
  3. It allows you to meet new people. 
  4. Freebies. Upon paying the registration fee, you’ll be having dri-fit shirt, string bag, sunblock (for morning run), medal and more.
  5. Fitness. Let’s lose our weight! And good for the health. Ika nga nila “Health is wealth” Hahaha.

    Pak na pak yung pose para sa ekonomiya! Hindi para sa fitness. Hahaha!

I’ll also share some tips for the run. Here:

  1. Always keep yourself hydrated. Drinking eight glasses of water is not enough when you start running. Try to intake more water before, during and after the run.
  2. Relax before the race. Before the event, always keep your muscles relaxed and you’ll be needing a lot of energy.
  3. Don’t overeat. Avoid eating too much before the run. After na lang! Go to Starbucks. Hahaha jk. img_6559
  4. Warm up and Cool down. Do some aerobic exercise to warm up your muscles. To cool down after the race, try walking around a bit.





Let’s start a healthy living! 🙂
Check out:

Firmoo + Giveaway


Firmoo is one of the most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable Firmoo to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices.

As some of you guys know, I’m wearing graded glasses/lenses for over years now. I can’t live without it. I can’t see anything from afar which avoids me to stalk my crush. No, I mean, to read for a powerpoint presentation pala. 😛 Hahaha. I have astigmatism that needs to change my glasses most of the time to be corrected. And changing my glasses is a big hassle for me. Being a student, sometimes you don’t have enough time to go for a shop due to project deadlines and research works and you spend most of the time in school. Or when you have work and no time to shop. Now, you don’t need to visit eyewear shop frequently because firmoo is here to help us, save up time and money, at the same time.

I know some of you might think of how difficult it is to shop online for eyeglasses. One reason: You don’t know which frames suits you. With firmoo, you just have to click “Try on”



You can also use your own photo to check out 🙂

Second reason: how will you determine your lenses’ grade for your eyeglasses? You need to have a prescription from your doctor.

And after that,you just need to pay and wait for your eyeglasses to arrive. YAY!




I’ll be giving away “One pair of glasses (shipping fee is excluded)”

How to Join?

  1. Follow me on twitter @itsmeloraineE. Tweet this Join the #FirmooGiveaway of @itsmeloraineE and win pair of glasses from firmoo. See more at:
  2. Follow me on instagram @annestrella.
  3. Subscribe to Firmoo’s Youtube Channel CLICK HERE.
  4.  Like Firmoo on Facebook: Firmoo Online Optical Store
  5. Lastly, comment on the comment’s box the link of the glasses that you want. You can only choose one HERE.
Remember:  Only one entry per person and you need to follow all the mechanics. You need to comment on the comment’s box so you can enter the raffle.
The deadline of the submission will be on Febraury 3, 2017. Will choose the winners via Random.Org. Winners will be announced on this blog or I’ll just contact you.
Kindly, share this post on Facebook or Twitter by using the links at the end of this post. Or share via Instagram, by creating your own post. Use the hashtag #annestrellagiveaway – See more at:
If you have questions regarding the giveaway, you may contact me HERE or tweet me 🙂
Thank you Firmoo for your generosity! ❤

Be ready for any kind of adventure with Krooberg! (Plus, join Krooberg Photo Contest)


Krooberg is a footwear originally from Europe. Its initial product offers including boots, summer sandals and slippers. After its modest success in Europe, where its products are sold through major chain stores, in late 2011 the brand embarked on its expansion into Asia. It took market staples such as flip-flops, sandals, and casual shoes and gave it a fresh Scandinavian design twist.

Looking for a versatile footwear that would surely fit for you is not quite difficult to find because Krooberg got your back! I know most of us nowadays love to travel, go to the beach, climb up to the mountain, jump from a cliff and many other activities that we really got into and not only that, you can wear it even if you’re in the city. Krooberg is the perfect choice!

img_8165 Lady Y Sandals – P999

img_8157img_8171 Flip flops – P399

I was looking for a nice and comfy footwear for my vacation and it really caught my attention. It has the best quality for any kind of adventure. I definitely like their sporty-stylish aura. Lakas maka-sporty!

Experience of having pairs of Krooberg has been great. It is very comfy to use both outdoor and indoor activities. Some of my friends asked me of how heavy it is but nah, it’s very light. You can wear it for the entire day. Krooberg are made of soft and pliable rubber materials which makes it more comfortable to use.

They also have these cute and stylish shoes for only P499.


Runlite-Gray (Glow-in-the-Dark) which is limited edition and only 288 pairs available worldwide. Price starts at P2,499.


Hip + Practical
The classic sneakers redone and updated in 1-Piece Injection-Molded Phylon. Stay in fashion without having to fuss about keeping your shoes from getting wet or dirty.

The shoe body is completely made of phylon. This material is so light, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing shoes!

It has a soft and bouncy fabric-lined insole for a nice and cool footbed.

Krooberg is currently hosting for a photo contest for the whole month of January.

How to join?

  1. Snap a photo with your Krooberg footwear.
  2. Post it on their Facebook page Krooberg then, use the hashtag #KroobergOnMyFeet

And get a chance to win a free pair of Krooberg Footwear. They will announce the winners through their Facebook Page.

Check out their stores here in the Philippines! Here’s the link: Krooberg Branch List PH

Krooberg’s Website:

Follow them on Instagram: @krooberg_official

Some Tips of Using Your Fujifilm Instax (Plus! Camera Drama)

I’ve been using my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 for a year already. I never encounter any problems while using it until New Years Eve came. All of a sudden, I wasn’t able to capture my New Years Eve with my family using my Instax. Came to a point that I keep on telling myself of never getting another camera from Fujifilm. But, I do love Fujifilm! Their cameras were all excellent. I won’t stop myself of buying another camera from them.

Fast Forward, here’s the drama. I was about to take a picture with the wine glass and my film didn’t comes out. I was trying to click it again, even the number of the film doesn’t count down. The red light on my viewfinder stays on. And the orange light (lamp light for the lenses) opened up including hi-key, indoor, cloudy effect, everything lighted up and then for a couple of minutes they all shut down. So what I decided is to contact Fujifilm on Facebook and E-mail. Since, it was January 1 and their office will operate pa by January 3. I’ve waited for their response and luckily, they helped me to resolve it by just changing my batteries. Drama Ended.


So I decided to share some tips of using Fujifilm Instax:

  1. Use rechargeable batteries instead of alkaline batteries. Girl from Fujifilm PH told me that it is preferred to use the rechargeable batteries on Instax. You don’t need to throw after your done with it. Not only it would lessen garbage but it would also help us to save up money. (Ayan! More of Environmental and Financial Aspect yan. Hahaha)
  2. If you’re using Alkaline batteries, just remove it while the camera is not in use.
  3. Always check the camera batteries. Camera’s batteries might be drained. Make sure that there are 2xAA batteries that are fully charged and in the correct orientation within the battery compartment.
  4. Use the lens release switch to extend the lens. The lens unit might be stuck so make sure there is an opening through the lens when viewed from behind.
  5. Once the film is removed, release the shutter to determine if the roller is functioning properly.
  6. Keep the processing rollers in the camera and film holder clean. inspect and clean rollers regularly.

For Capturing Beautiful Instax Photos:

  1. Use Natural Light. Actually it depends on the time of day you shoot, natural light can help you create a wonderful image. Taking your instax outdoors will help you compose beautiful photos.
  2. Angle. Taking a picture from a different angle than usual gives your picture a cool effect.
  3. Use Neutral Backgrounds.  Try plain white wall it is usually the preferred spot for a portrait shoot.


If you encounter any problems with your Instax or any cameras of Fujifilm. Get in contact with them for repair. Call the Service Center at 570-2695 local 415 or 0920-9744138. Or email them at or Send your camera to their Service Center at:  FUJIFILM Philippines Inc. 30th Floor, Joy-Nostalg Center, Pasig City 1600, Philippines. For those people who lives outside the Philippines, visit FUJIFILM Global for more information.