Things You Can Do In Boracay

Whenever some people think of a vacation trip in the Philippines, the first destination that most likely comes to mind is Boracay, because of its white sand beaches! Undoubtedly, Boracay remains one of the most popular beach destinations in the country.

I know some here wondering what you can do for fun in BORA? Well, here are some list of activities in Boracay that you can do.

1. Island Hoping

Visit different islands that surround Boracay. We hired a boat for 4-hour tour because we don’t have ample time and we want to try different activities around the island and decided that it wouldn’t consume too much time but anyway, you can still enjoy it and even have enough time to snorkel.





2. Parasailing

I highly recommend this! The feeling is like your a drone! Hahaha. You can capture the entire island. Don’t get afraid for a single rope. Just enjoy! Relax. Feel the air. Naks! 



Before we try parasailing like everything was ready! Including the harness. Hahaha

How to book parasailing in Boracay: Visit the office of Diamond Watersports at Station 1 (just beside Milky’s Dive Center), or contact +63 36 288 6621 or +63 36 288 6681

3. Paraw

Best to do this during sunset! Enjoy the waves and let the wind take you around the island.


4. Try ATV and Race Kart

By the way, in using ATV and Race Kart you must be 18 years old and above. Before riding this vehicle there’s a brief orientation, some rules that need to be discussed including the speed limit. First question that they’ll ask is: “Do you drive?” or “Can you drive?” Oops! Just say YES. And enjoy the ride HAHAHA (not a great idea at all but that’s what I did).


Before heading to the mountain using an ATV, you need to pass the driving test otherwise, you’ll use the buggy car. For the drive test, you can see here in the picture of a mini track that you need to finish 2 laps. And if you did a great performance and pass-through those curvy part. You Passed! Well, It’s really difficult to control in curvy roads but you can manage it ‘tho.



For more information, just visit Happy Dreamland 🙂

5. Enjoy Sunrise, Sunset and the View




Pose para sa blog and as the 20-peso bill endorser.  P.S. Sorry, low quality for the photo 😥

Here are some photos in our trip







Shades from ColorManila. I super love this shades no one could ever stop me from loving it! Joke Hahahaha P.S. We’re included in the picture. Hiiiii!


Pabebe Pose for the blog! Hahaha this was September 30 pa and don’t have time to post so medyo throwback ‘to.

GUYS! You can also watch our video by clicking this link (Sobrang waley nung editing. Hahaha!)

Thank you so much for your time reading this! Hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or inquiries about the trip. Feel free to comment on comment’s box below or click contact (on the upper part of my blog).