Vlog Exposure

When I have spare time, I would just watch videos on youtube or read blogs. (One reason daw of having graded lenses according to my dad hahaha) I’m not into reading novels/books. The last time I read a book was about 3 years ago.  Anyway, so as I browse videos on youtube I watched this video of Wil Dasovich with his Pudra speaking beki language. I really enjoyed his video so I started to watch ALL. Yes as in ALL of his videos, VLOGS (to be exact. Hahaha) and even his friend, Daniel Marsh. And his sister, Haley.

FAST FORWARD… Luckily, I MET THEM ALL! #CAPSLOCKPARAINTENSE And Wil featured me and my sister on his snaps. Didn’t know that he will also include us on his vlog. I actually thought he was just joking for putting us up on theeen MY GAAAWD!! I JUST WANNA SCREEAAM. I’M SOOOOOO HAPPY LIKE I WANNA FLY HAHAHA. Even for just a short clip. Kasi diba you’re just watching your favorite vlogger’s vlog lang and now you’ve seen yourself sa vlog niya. Hindi ko ma-express how super duper happy I am. Still can’t get over! WAAAH THANK YOU, WIL!

I wasn’t able to connect/attach videos here from Youtube. You may watch it by clicking https://youtu.be/wObgJRKd7u4

For the reason that I’m not able to post videos from YouTube. I’ll just share my pictures with them instead.




Youtube Channels:

Wil Dasovich: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSir19L_390tAg4IbCggvCg

Daniel Marsh: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiNCvGzwadWCZIzTUjoApRQ

Hayley Dasovich: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN6hslRs2k1btobUgRFoTkQ