Five songs on my list

I usually do this on my previous blog back in 2011 where I share my choice of music. I’m not a kind of person that goes play an album/playlist, shuffle and play it all day night long. I just like to pick one to 5 song(s) only and would play it for more than 50 times a day. Hahaha! Yah, kinda weird but I used to memorize those raps and lyrics. YOOOOO!

When someone asks me for my genre… Gawd! Still do not know what to answer. I play all kinds of music, depends on my mood. When your sad being alone, ganern! Chos.

Fast forward, yeaah so these are my five favorite songs for this rainy season.

Bad News: I cannot insert video/audio file. (Ang hirap kapag illegal download lang. Hahaha) I will share the link instead. Just click the title of the song na lang. Naks!

  1. Cold Water by Major Lazer (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ)  – New song of Justin Bieber which was uploaded yesterday. He never dissapoints me in every song. Love you, Biebs. Hahaha
  2. You and Me by Marc E. Bassy ft. G – Eazy – it’s kinda reggae thingy. I love this song. Really good to listen while driving/travelling/long road trips (play it until you reach the place, ganern) or while chillin’ the place.
  3. Nobody’s Better by Z ft. Fetty Wap – I super love this song. Z has a wonderful voice! You can listen to this song all day. (P.S. Fetty, you are still good, and I still love you. Hahaha)
  4. Photo by YONAS – big thanks to Neymar’s compilation videos on YouTube I was able to hear this song. Hahaha I started to learn the rap ‘tho. Alright!
  5. Nasty by Kid Ink ft. Jeremih, Spice – just heard it randomly. And gawd! My ears just love it.

Again, this is only based on my choice of music. I do not use any sources like Billboards or any top hits music playlist in choosing this songs. Anyway, hope you like it 🙂


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