Sometimes, it really comes naturally that you miss someone or something in your life that would remind you of who you are, what you want and what you love.

When I entered college, I became serious in everything, focus on studies. Do paper works. Do projects. Solve case analysis. Pig out. Presentations. And forget all the fun activities I do. But sometimes, when you really put an effort on it, there are chances that it may not be successful as you actually want, like in my condition. I shifted. I did not reached the course requirement, I almost failed my major subject. I still had to think for about 3 months for my next course. It was really difficult for me. Stressed. And now, I’m not yet pretty sure if my current course would fit me.

So there are times that you ask yourself, what do I really want to be?  What is my passion? What I really love to do? Why is it so hard for me to find true happiness. Yea! Family and friends are always there. But there were “missing parts”. There were times that you have to review throwback photos and posts of yours. Like stalking your own account then, find out what you really miss the most. AND YEAAAAH IT’S BLOGGING!!!

(P.S. Kung anu-ano pang drama ko, blogging lang naman pala talaga ang ending. HAHAHA)

So I started blogging in 2008, I was just 11 years old. I used tumblr, I remember of taking photos of my brother’s high school stuff and sister as well. Back in 2011, I also started another blog which is where I do advertising, blog contest and many more. Now, I can’t retrieve it! I haven’t open it for two years. Can somebody help me? I really need to get back my account (sayang followers and readers ko dun). I still know my account pero maraming hinihingi yung google to open it, which is I almost forgot everything.

For now, 2016! I’ll try to get back on BLOGGING!! WOOOOOHOOOOO will still use this wordpress habang I’m trying to recover my blogspot.