Looking for Comfy Shoes: Butterfly Twists

It took about years before I buy shoes, really it is. Mostly, once a year. Fortunately, I’m good with my walking skills. Lol! But true, Imagine, the school shoes I’m wearing when I was on my third year high school was from my half-grade 3 days. 5 ½ years servicing for my entire school years. Some people would probably say it’s either because of the brand or I’m a real-great-awesome walker. Lol

Moving on, because I’m now incoming college freshman this school year and my vans dry flex gave up. Badly, you can count on all over my shoes. Feckly, my other sneakers I guess, will do the same (well, I hope not), so I decided to be a girly mode this time and thinking to buy a flat shoes (it seems to be comfy with me). I know my mom would probably smile at me and realized that her boyish daughter will be a girl now because it will be her very first flat shoes Hahaha

I asked my mom as well as my sister to accompany me at the mall. I can’t genuinely go out without any companion. As I walked all over the ladies’ section at Rustan’s, this shoes really caught my attention. It’s a folding ballerina shoes. And yeah! I tried it and actually feels very comfortable. Good thing because it’s not too costly. Half-price lang ‘to ng mga lacoste foot wear niyo o baka hindi lang! Hahaha

Yeah! And here’s the Butterfly Twists it is originally designed in United Kingdom; designed for the girl-on-the-go. You can wear it any time whether for shopping, going to school, travelling, dancing and for everyday adventure without any trouble with your feet.This is a perfect footwear to any women, very stylish and clever.


“Simply fold away and pop these ballerinas in your bag for comfortable and stylish footwear in an instant”



Here is what I bought. It is also comes with a pouch.





 Shoeselfie. Pardon me, I’m not that creative in talking picture. lol


For more information:

Website: butterflytwists.com

Facebook: Butterfly Twists Philippines

Twitter: @cleversoles

Check out their stores location:

G/F, Glorietta 2

G/F, Lucky China Mall

G/F Alabang Town Center

3rd floor, Trinoma

4th floor, Podium

Rustans Gateway

Rustans Shang

Rustans ATC

Rustans Makati