First post for my THIRD blog

Oh yes! Welcome to my newly-owned blog for the third time *laughs*. It’s been donkey’s years since I blogged again. I’m so glad to be back! YAY! So here’s my first post goes…

Reminiscing, my first blog was supposed to be just my daily photo blog. I used to upload pictures taken by my brother, sister and I, adding a caption to those images. Sometimes, I reblog some posts from other bloggers and I’d put some opinions and other related things on it. I started to love sharing those moments and everything and all the things that I want to. As a student, it’s really hard to focus in such that things. So, I decided to stop blogging while classes were on and only update it every summer or some other free time. And so on… Consequently, I forgot my password. Lol

For my second blog, I created a new one and started to promote different stores and online shops. I also held different contests. Due to sort of chemistry and physics problems I started to just study well and focus on it. And enjoy my high school days.. haha

All right! For my third blog, yes my THIRD blog already. Lol I’ll try my very best to handle it as long as I can. I’m trying to make things crazy, no, crazier nah but craziest. I’m looking forward that you, yes YOU will help me for my grammatical error because sometimes not only sometimes but most of the time I’m kind of sucks in writing. P.S. I also make this blog for practicing my writings. Lol And I hope you’ll help me to work on it.

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